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Robert Walker
Originally Posted by Xxxchowfunxxx View Post
Joe1682k I bought 3 Chinese box from him, kybmw328i I bought 10 albino RES + 10 het + cuora trifasciata, you can contact mitch mac morphs, chris Davis from Atlanta bought over 20 RES from me, MGR1 I bought 10 Chinese from him


This is a good amount of business with members here. I would suggest the following:
1. You contact each of members (listed above) and ask them to post here on this thread. This will help build up your Fauna reputation for the long haul.
2. Ask Mac's Morphs to leave you a trader rating. Mitch is a paid member and has the ability to leave a permanent trader rating, again, helping you build up your Fauna reputation.

If you have been pleasant to deal with, I would imagine each seller would be more than happy to contribute to your success by sharing their experiences. Good luck.

In addition, good job Yang for using the BOI to verify things first.