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Herpin Man
Between the two, the broad headed skink probably has more market potential. They are larger, more handleable, and easier to care for than racerunners.

As the others have said, though, be realistic about being able to sell these. Any time you are dealing with native species, remember that only a small portion of them are going to appeal to the typical herp hobbyist. Rarity, unique physical characteristics, personality, size, ease of care, handleability, saleability of the offspring- all of these are factors which will influence whether a species is going to become popular in the hobby.

My suggestion is, if you are intent on breeding herps for sale, that you focus on species with an observable demand. Even better, though, since you are new to the hobby, my advice is forget about breeding for profit, forget about all of the other factors that I just mentioned, and work with the species that most appeal to you. I think that you will find the hobby much more enjoyable when you do.