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Ross Buskard
Originally Posted by 3DKDK
btw people, forget all this Mike Hopcraft bullcrap, we all know that he's a dick and I thought everybody would knew by now, but it looks like people here just won't drop it
People that have supported me, thank you for supporting me, and taking your time to listen to both of our sides of the story
Everybody else that won't drop this, just shut up and leave, you sound more phatic than the man that lied to me, threatened me, swore at me, took my skink, etc
If anybody that still supports Mike, e-mail me, and I will respond back, there is no reason why this should have gone this far, that includes you Terry
Maybe it's just me, but is anyone else a little leary of the fact that this guy went from being a frightened kid that had to have the story pulled out of him by his accomplice, who acted as if he didn't know him, to an aggresive, foul mouthed kid who's telling everyone to shutup. Maybe Mike is as bad as he's been portrayed but this kid is no innocent angel either. I wouldn't deal with either one of them.