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Richard, all sorts of people read posts. Those who are careful of their critters as you are will remember your name and respect you for your stance, and may in the future become customers and/or friends.

Those who are minions who speak out against you, treat them according to your own personality. Some people will just grow a thick skin and ignore aggravating idiots, others will be more proactive and request that the minions kiss their grits.
I've made some strong comments in various places where response was negative, though I was clearly in the right. More than a few times, much later, someone would tell me that they saw what I wrote and was happy that I did so even though the weight of public opinion was opposed.

There are lots of people watching from the sidelines who support you but are unwilling, for lots of reasons, to express their support in the moment. Be as kind as you are able, be as firm as you are able, make certain you are correct, and stand your ground. Like Lucille said, you accrue respect for this even if you don't know it at the time.