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I understand all that -- people might think they need to stock up for months.

But why is TP (and sanitizers, which aren't very interesting if your whole family is holed up and sick, but that's a different matter...) the only thing that's running out at stores? Do people have enough food/drinks/fuel/library books/potato chips/baby formula/hand lotion/dog food/dishwashing detergent/etc. to last that time? Doubtful. That hypothetical family of five goes through more food than 99% of people can even possibly stockpile at home for the time that all five get sequential infections.

I don't suspect for a minute that more than a couple percent of TP buyers are doing the math y'all are doing ("let's see... one BM a day...maximum twelve squares each....100 squares on a roll...four people in the house...four days to get test results..."); if they were, all the frozen and canned food shelves would be empty, too, because folks are going to run out of food 6 months before they can't wipe themselves anymore.