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Hi Tania,
I would highly recommend American Cricket Ranch (www.americancricketranch.com) to order your feeders. They are very reasonably priced and the worms are very big and robust. I would suggest using superworms as a staple diet for your leos (zoophobas),,, they are easy to gutload, they are active and catch your leo's attention, they are big so you don't have to feed your leos as many, and they are impossible to kill (mine last for months). To vary your LG's diet a little, you can feed them regular mealies, crickets, hornworms, and roaches a few times per month. I don't know much about giant mealies but I heard that they are pumped with hormones to make them big. I am not sure if this is a myth but I personally steer clear of them. Good Luck!