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Mealworm farms

I set up the bug closet, and there are containers set up to farm mealworms with bran, mealworm aliens, and some of those hydrated water crystals. (I bought 5 lbs. cheap from www.rainsavers.com, because that seemed like a good amount, and actually the crystals expand so much that I could probably provide moisture for about 35 trillion mealworms with 5 lbs., I did not realize that).

So, for you mealworm aficionados (mealworm aficionado, can you imagine how many conversations you could start with a bumper sticker that said that ) here are some questions:

How do the mealworms know where their water source is? I put the hydrated crystals on flat lid scraps I had left over after making gecko hides, and put them on top of the bran, how do the mealies know it is there?

Can the mealie beetles climb much? I got so many of the plastic file boxes that I was thinking of making them into mealie farms too, but they are only about 4 inches tall. Is that enough, with two inches of bran, or will the beetles be able to climb out?