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The car was actually ready to be picked up yesterday (Friday), but both Connie and I were too busy with stuff to go pick it up. She was baking Christmas goodies and I was outside working on cutting down a dead tree that has been threatening crunching the compressor unit for our heat pump. With rain through the weekend and into Monday perhaps turning our dirt road into a flooded muddy mess, then with Christmas Eve and Christmas Tuesday and Wednesday, likely won't be until Thursday before we can get out there.

Not that this is worrisome or anything. I feel that most of the time I have had this car it has either been in a shop doing mods, being hacked by a shop claiming they knew what they were doing, in a shop getting repairs from the previous shop's hacking, or up on the lift in my own garage with me doing repairs from all of the above. So it's not like several more days are going to make much difference. Come Christmas the car has been away for 9 months.