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Enough already!

Write down your damned login info! Member name AND password. Store it somewhere that you can FIND it when you need it. This is NOT my responsibility! Yeah passwords are a pain in the ass, but if you can come up with a better way to maintain the security of everyone's accounts here, then please, enlighten me.

Do NOT create your account using a temporary email account that you then abandon. If you do that, then you will not be able to reset your password via the function provided when your login fails.

Whitelist "webmaster@faunaclassifieds.com" so that this email is not blocked by your ISP or your mail reader. If this email gets blocked, then you will never receive emails that are needed to reset your password. You need to do this anyway if you want to get notifications of replies to subscribed threads.

The rule here is one person per account, and one account per person. If you create a new account because you figured it was the easiest way to get around the problem of your forgetting your login info, then the new account is subject to either being blocked at registration, or deleted after the fact when the duplicate account is discovered.

Seriously, people are sending me pissy emails because they forgot their login name and or password and think that this is my fault somehow. If you come to me for help, act professional and recognize the fact that YOU are coming to ME for help, not the reverse. Don't start off the request for help with crap like "your stupid forum won't let me log on", or "that piece of crap forum of yours doesn't work for me". Sorry, but I'm just not interested in spending MY time helping YOU when you come at me with that kind of attitude.