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To reiterate some issues concerning emails.

Please whitelist my email address listed above. And regardless, please check your junk mail or spam mail folder occasionally. The anonymous email providers (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.) while allowing spammers to freely use their services, will oftentimes block legitimate emails from many message board systems based on nothing more than the VOLUME of emails such systems will issue to their members. Lamebrained? You bet! And there is typically no way to contact anyone at those providers to get them to see just how lamebrained such blanket policies are.

Seriously, I will often get emails from people from such services, and when I reply requesting more info and such, I often do not get a reply, leading me to believe that they probably did not get my response email. So what can I do about that to help them? Not a damned thing. Heck, I sometimes get notices of people signing up for sponsorships, and I will send them the form request for the info I need to set that up for them. Sometimes I don't get a reply, and quite honestly, I rarely remember to go back to check up on such things. So if they don't follow up with a PM here on this site, realizing the problem with their email, and also forget about paying for said sponsorship, then it will simply fall through the cracks and stay there. Sooner or later they will likely realize this, and I will start their sponsorship once communication has been established, but beyond that, not much else I can do.

So, again, it is in YOUR best interests to make certain that YOU can receive emails from this site. I've done all I can from this end, but YOUR email service provider is outside of my control. Worse comes to worse, you may just want to consider finding an email service that isn't quite so brain dead. I've SERIOUSLY considered just outright blocking those email providers because they throw a seriously large monkey wrench into my attempts to verify that member registrations are legit. Not really a feasible solution, of course, but more than once I've been frustrate enough to seriously consider it, regardless.