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Shai Gurl
JUST finished moving SALE!

Howdy! Howdy! Howdy! Wellp folks! I literally JUST got in my very LAST load for moving! And guess what? Yup! I STILL have those geckos!!! Anyhowdy, I need/want/gotta get these screamers going so can free up some space and do this "focus" thing people keep talking about!


1.0 Sub-adult/adult Las Vegas/Rainwater Patternless ALBINO - SCREAMER... Great colors, and a nice bit of ORANGE on his tail! Its a terrible picture, but you can at least see how far along the CT is!
0.1 Sub-adult SHTCT near Baldy - SCREAMER
0.1 Golden Hypo! Incredible GIRL! Almost ready to breed!
0.1 Patternless female, about ready to breed!
0.2 SHTCT Near Baldy hatchlings, KNOCKOUTS!
0.1 "Ugly" SHTCT near Baldy youngster, not so much tang, more of a banana yellow but has nice carrot tail coming along!

ALL are eating like Oprah on a twinkie!

ALL have nice fat tails!

AND ALL Are included in this package!!!!

SO! Take everything I have for $725 Shipped! That means you get 7 geckos, I am 99% sure on the genders, all are screamers and of some of the more "sought after" colorations; AND all ae basically going for $100 a gecko "plus shipping" (not really, shipping out here is a minimum of $40 usually).

These prices are ONLY for the group, I really want to move them ALL at once so please, no more e-mails asking "how much you want for just these?" Because no matter what I am now going to respond to that with "$725, and I'll throw he rest in for free!" Anyhowdy! Take care of yourselves and have a great day!


PS: T-R-A-D-E... Spells, TRADE! Yup! I am ONLY interested in a few things so heres a quik run down~

~FEEDERS - Jumbo rats, day old pink mice, 2lb rabbits, let me know what ya have!

~Lab style rodent cages (INCLUDING the bottles, tops, and bins)

~CORN snake morphs, adult breeders or yearlings... Or even a mess of 04 youngsters.

~Racks - Yes, I am in need of a good rack or three!

~Boas (BCI) - Het albinos, baby albino (TAME-ish), SALMONTINE, ANERYs, het something?

And thats the end of the list... Simple... HOWEVER... If your serious and want to get these guys for even less let me know... Theres a few items I realllllly want and time is very limited on them, (as is my own moola to get it myself)... What does this mean? You could get these geckos for as little as $700 or so with this option, BUT you have to move FAST.