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reptile boi

Back in april i had inquired about an indonesian/south american import that steve was putting together where the animals were due to arrive during the summer months of 2014, i got the list of animals that were available and thought i would place a small order to see how it all goes (having never dealt with steve before and not finding any good guy/bad guy info on him either on reptilescanada or on the canadian board or inquiry).

I sent steve a deposit of $200 back in march/april and never really got much of any updates from him. I did ask if i could change my order at one point and steve accommodated my request accordingly. After another month or so goes by, i was told there was a delay due to a few back outs on the order. A little more time later (late july-early august) i received an email from steve with an invoice of an additional $150 for the shipping and telling me that the animals would arrive august 29th, i asked if i would be able to pay him that amount once the animals arrived (i have joined an import with another fellow about a year or so ago and he would send me updates every 2-3 weeks without me inquiring and was absolutely top notch to deal with, i was less than impressed with steve's services and at this point i was hesitant on sending more money with all the delays going on.

I did not hear anything from steve for about 2 weeks or so and that is when i made my inquiry post on him here and as well as on reptilescanada.
After my original inquiry post on both here and reptilescanada steve touched base with me in under 24hrs, i had asked if there were any updates as its been a while since this order was suppose to come in on august 29th (its early september at this point) and he said there were no updates as of yet.

Recently (october 5) i sent him 2 text messages as well as an email asking if there was any chance this order would come in before the end of october and if not i would like my full deposit back as the weather is getting colder and i do not want to risk the animals especially mine getting sick. I have not yet received a reply yet and will update this thread once i hear from him.