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Important alert:
SR Imports canada / Steve Semerko

We ordered a small shipment through Steve's import business, trusting him with our money to get the reptiles delivered. The original arrive date was April/May 2014
After numerous "delays and added charges" we were told along with the 14 others who ordered that Steve had to put out another 900ish dollars in fees to get them here. The group of customers agreed together in a group message to pay $60 more each to make final payment. Few members paid, including us. We decided with confirmation that the animals wud be shipped post final payment of $430 monies owing, that we wud front the cash and the importer (Steve)wud collect the $60 per person to pay to us. We paid it off at the beginning of October, Steve did not send the money to indonesia for a week after receiving it from us (so he says). Now being November 25, long after payment, still nothing, he says hes received no confirmation to ship date. We asked him to send the collected money from other customers to us via e transfer,he then said only two people now owe which would be $120 ...so i asked him to send us the other $250 he must have if only 2 people owe. He then tells me he is not collecting it as we paid it. He then tells me I can contact his customers asking them for the money . He also said hes not saying when he will pay us anything back as he never asked us to pay we did it on our own.
In a nut shell we r out over $900
I highly recommend avoiding any business dealings with him like the plague
All questions asked are avoided and we r given horse shit excuses month after month, like "indo manager has cancer so they need a new manager....." etc
This is not a trust worthy business
Here is some of the message
Shannon Brandon
Apparently indo is going to be on its way again?? All those besides ****** who send u their $60 prior to animal pick up can be directly e transfered to us at sha****************ail.com .....

11/23, 7:01pm
Steve Semerko
I'll let them know was only 2 other people

11/23, 7:15pm
Shannon Brandon
So u have the remaining 250 already paid to u to send us then? We paid our 60 then 430 - gravels 60 = 370 - 120 that 2 remain owing....=250 u owe

11/23, 7:34pm
Steve Semerko
That money is in indo...since it's coming out of my pocket yet again I have to wait till I have it...I didn't collect the other 120 as the 430 got paid. It was from Andrew ******* and Justin ******** so you would need to talk to them

11/23, 7:45pm
Shannon Brandon
We paid it in advance so it wud be shipped 7-10 business days from payment. You were to still collect the agreed $60 per person prior to them receiving shipment order as agreed by everyone. I do not need to talk to anyone but u, since i do not know them as is, we did u a favor , and for what Steve to still have no product 7 weeks after payment n full. Ur nit the only one with no money and two kids to feed. We have kirk ********* harassing and threatening us about the cooks boa he ordered, saying we ripped him off

11/23, 7:50pm
Steve Semerko
I can only do what I can. I will talk to Andrew and Justin for you but once again can't pull money from nowhere so can only get it to you when able. Not telling you I won't get it to you simply saying I don't have it as that money went overseas not to me and I'll get it to you when I can

11/23, 7:55pm
Shannon Brandon
Its not for ME your talking to them its to collect money for your imported product as u were suppose to as its your business. Since ***** knows the imports are coming , when are they coming, a date, I want an IOU $370 with a date the money will be returned, We r tired of being screwed around , as it seems......This has been the worst experience with a business we have ever had, and all other importers have told us this is not right

11/23, 8:05pm
Steve Semerko
Not getting into this.******* was not told a date just simply what i was told which was CITES Is being renewed which takes a few days and should be able to ship shortly after. No date yet. You guys chose to pay the 430 which was helpful but I did not tell you to. Nor did I tell you it would be shipped 7-10 business days later. I am not screwing you around and agree this situation has been less than ideal but as I said when I have cash I can reimburse but as to when i will have it I can't give an exact date. I will do what I can when I can and will try to do it sooner than later. That's all I can say on the matter at this point

11/23, 8:08pm
Shannon Brandon
Ya chose to pay so we wud get our agreed animals, if we didnt pah it it wasnt coming....fuck this Steve , u r bullshit. U will contact clint when his animals get here and u will pay us back what u owe. I dont think this needs to get messier than it is, and it cud