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So, In response to some shit said to Steve.. Ill 110% DEFEND him. Honest, trusting person! Some people just dont understand imports!

Posted to Steves page:
"This is not a business, it is a scam artist who is sneaky and untrustworthy. Taking a year to get animals in, pretending they are dead. Sending some to a rescue. Giving customers ordered animals to other friends of theirs who didn't even order the species. This business should be shut down by animal rights they way they disregard animal life. Sitting at a bar scamming with friends while buyers wait for 8 hours to be told most animals died. Then seeing animals that were dead on a face book page, alive!!"

My response???
Why would someone dare post such a thing??
Firstly...maybe look at yourselves and see who the true scammers are.
Think about it...who had the largest order? You.
You were not the only one to import say, Green Tree Pythons...so why do you think you deserve every little bit of everything? Sorry, but nobody recieved EVERYTHING on their order...hell, some got nothing! Suck it up. Now a day, life isnt all fun and games...Steve was a very fair man, splitting species to ensure someone got something; everyone deserves a share. Imagine...wanting the animals you ordered, but someone who ordered a certain amount of said species refused to give any of them up? Would you want at least one or two?Absolutely would! And clearly, you did. How do you think the others feel who were unable to because of your greed? Not all of the Red Tailed Green Rats came in...even the amount on the list wasnt the proper amount. So guess what? It was split between buyers! I even went out of my way to pay another guy for one of the Rat Snakes ...I couldve easily said "Hey, those are all mine" ...but no, I wouldnt want someone to do that to me....so, you reason. It's called respect, which you clearly do not have.
As for the "Dead"..Im quite sure BOTH OF YOU were standing RIGHT THERE when we had an emergency rush to the car to throw everything in to be warm. And YOU WERE THERE to see us check ALL of the bags for any life. They ALL were near dead, some dead, and some we thought were goners. Why? The sheer cold.(Which Ill get to later)
A friend of ours took all of the dead/assumed dead into his car for a few HOURS and some turned around very slowly...so dont say Steve fucked you over something dead! You saw it happen, and it was a legit thought! Guess what...
This would not have happened if you didnt threaten legal action against Steve... ever think about WINTER? Overseas will have many issues that cause delays...health issues, animal issues, weather (typhoons etc), Weather in Canada effects alot..and the inbetween points. Exporters like from Indo are money greedy...they dont care about the little guy (Steve in this case)...he doesnt have the money to flaunt at them, so we are the last on their list for export. Just gotta deal with it! Waiting is apart of importing ...in my opinion, you guys should just stick with local breeders, just dont freak over a weeks delay.
So in the end..WTF is the problem? Must feel good that you guys almost killed everything over greed...give it about 10 more minutes and it would have happened. All because you FORCED shit to go down when it should have waited!
As for the bar? Yup..we went! Why? Because there was no fucking point staying at the airport if the plane hasnt landed. We cant call the pilot to demand a landing in bad weather...but wait...you seem to be good at that. Maybe you should have! It's called flight delays sir. It happens. They have to get cleared, and customs to clear shit as well...more BS than you know happens behind the scenes. So, you might as well do something while you wait right? Sorry you didnt like that and couldnt control where we went.
Waiting is apart of the import game...delays NO MATTER WHAT. Anywhere from a few months to yes.. a year! Steve was out of control with that. He cant make anything happen without cooperation from the exporter. What else is there you need to say? Im sure it can get answered..I dont get why you threaten with legal action when the proof from start to finish is there....plus witnesses. That's just a losing battle..
Essentially, in the end you recieved free animals....you got your money owed, and still complain about not getting every little drop of scale in that import. You recieved more than anyone else.
Imports just need to wait sometimes, Sad that you had to threaten somebody to force a winter shipment. Congratulations on getting your way, risking life, causing deaths due to the fridged temps...congrats on scamming/stealing other peoples reptiles from them for yourself! Seriously..congrats! Talk about selfish and a black eye on the industry. Shame you had to bullshit and lie over ONE friggin snake. You saw us sorting the live from dead/thought was dead, and we legitally thought so until hours later of a friend ressurecting the "dead". Unfortunately, I hate to say it but you are disgraceful,irresponsible and disrespectful to both people and reptiles.

What more..Pearson was on the news today about the weekend flight delays. Gee!

Normally, I would contain this shit...but enough is enough!

Many people will back up Steve!