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Tried to resolve this nice way a month ago. She offer me the whole collection at a price I felt was to high I counter offered her a fair base wholesale price on them. She turned it down so I asked to drop the animals all off that night as I felt I would no longer want to feed them etc. She went completely ghost until Friday.She had a mutual friend contact me and tell me they agreed to buy her collection. And then asked when I could deliver them an hour away as him and his wife have no way to transport them. Then also proceeded to ask when they were last fed as He was hunting for rodent racks because they have none currently and it maybe a little bit before he could feed them.

At that point I told him I didn't think it was right him to be in middle. But I could bring the animals to him if she requested after I was compensated for my cost in feeders and time. I even offered a simple cheap option Keeping 5 animals which wholesale maybe around 1200-1400 value. I was told no I would drop off the animals to be inventoried and then once she was happy she would make sure I am compensated that is the agreement she offered.
I cut contact I told him she needed to deal with me directly nothing will be handed over til my expenses are taken care of. And Monday I sent her a bill and letter for 46 weeks of feeders and care. To be paid within 7 business days. I will let you all know where this goes from here. I even charged the feeders on the low end as most are eating medium rats now.