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Toads are their natural prey, so I had to get a toad to keep just for that purpose. (I call her my hognose assistive-feeding device!) Toads sit in their water bowls because they absorb water through their skins. I dip the thawed mouse in the water the toad has been sitting in, put it in a separate feeding bowl with a lid, put the hognose in the bowl, put it in a dark room, cover it with a towel, and wait a couple of hours. (I know they are supposed to be diurnal, but I have better luck feeding him at night.) Works pretty well. In fact, last week I put him in with an unscented mouse, which he totally ignored. After an hour, I took the mouse, dipped it in the toadís water bowl, and put it back in with the snake. Half an hour later, I had a lumpy snake and no mouse!

If itís any consolation, one year he went from September to May without feeding, before someone told me this trick. Good luck!
Thanks guys!

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