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Great to see you come out of hiding after your multiple failed attempts to have me blocked from various groups, so what now, have your small army of keyboard warriors attack me. Seems like even you would realize your torpedoes failed to sink this ship. And always will.

If your pal wants to work this out like adults, he can choose to take two new caramel het for snow from my 2019 clutches. Im not studdering. He would have had them already if you were not pulling the strings all along.

He’s a nice guy, your not doing him any favors. If he takes my new offer, I’ll send it over in writing. Otherwise, we automatically revert back to the last agreement of which we agreed. Whereas your pal has breached several times, and is only due his original number five turtle. As per contract.

I thought we agreed to bury the hatchet Nick? Or was I “imparting” then also?
I do not have an army of any sort.

What is the exact wording of the contract? Go ahead and post it.