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Are you offering a humid hide for shedding? Just a tubberware with a hole cut out on the side for an entrance works great, stuff it full with sphagnum moss and spray in there, or at least wet paper towels. Leopard geckos should have a humid hide and a normal dry hide as options. And please whatever amount you’re feeding currently, feed more. I’ve taken in rescues that looked similar due to neglect/lack of knowledge and they bounce back quick, but it will definitely shorten her life if you don’t up her feeding. Dubia roaches or phoenixworns are nutritionally superior than crickets (but crickets work fine), in this case I would be also doing a waxworm or two every other day until her tail and belly look normal..they should be plump. If you have any questions feel free to ask, sorry if I came across as rude in the first response but this is tough to look at