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Exclamation PLEASE NOTE about contacting the admin of this site!

I get an extraordinary number of emails from people, who are having one problem or another, who do not provide me with their registered member name on this site. Without that info, it is pretty difficult for me to have to figure out how to find out ANY information about their account in order to figure out what is needed to take care of their problem. So that wastes my time sending back a reply asking for this basic information in order to try to help resolve the problem.

Along those same lines, often I will get emails that will say nothing more then "cannot log in", "cannot post messages", "what is wrong with your system". I kid you not. That is ALL I have to go on from the emails.

I hope this doesn't sound rude, and I certainly hate to have to think about it this way, but sooner or later I am going to just have to start ignoring those kinds of messages completely. So if you are reading this thread and find that you need to contact me about some problem here having to do with registration, email changes, membership status, etc., please be certain to cover the following details in your correspondence with me:
  1. Provide your registered member name
  2. Send emails to me ONLY via the email address you are registered under, whenever possible
  3. Provide as much detail as possible as to exactly what your problem is

If you want me to help you, YOU need to help me as much as possible. Save us both some time and frustration by providing me what I need to get your problem resolved as quickly as possible.