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Rich you see more snakes not looking than most people do that are looking.
Man, I hope not! That would mean there are a whole lot of people out there spending a lot of time looking but not finding snakes.

That being said, I think I was actually a really good snake hunter when I lived in Maryland. I could go to the New Jersey Pine Barrens and always find some good stuff. Pine snakes, coastal plains milk snakes, eastern kings, etc. One day I went up there and wound up finding 9 (if I remember correctly) coastal plain milk snakes. Most of them gravid females. And once someone showed me what to look for, finding pine snake eggs in burrows was very easy to do. If you could get over the apprehension of sticking you hands into holes in the sand where a timber rattlesnake might be lurking, that is. But some times of the year the deer flies, ticks, and chiggers could make for a pretty unpleasant time of it. But all in all I wouldn't mind going back to see the Pine Barrens bogs just chock full of thread sundews again. It was a really interesting place to kick around in.

Trips to southern Maryland would always be pretty fruitful, whether it would be coastal plain milks, corn snakes, or eastern kings.

And heck, spent some time kicking around on Hatteras and Okracoke looking for sticticeps enough to become convinced that there really wasn't any such animal when you look at the original description of that subspecies by Barbour & Engles. Yeah, caught PLENTY of eastern kings, but nothing like what they described in that locale. But it was fun looking, regardless.