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100% Double Het GHOST/PIED

I need to shed weight as I'll be constantly traveling soon.
Recently sold off my pied and all the hets, was going to keep this gem of a future breeder since he's worth more to breed than sell.

1.0 500gram 09' 100% DBL Het Ghost/Pied From Keith Basiliko & Peter Kahl...I'm sure it's related to the one in Kahls youtube video.

Hasn't been powerfed, typically one meal every 5-7 days
He has great het ghost "markers" and the all popular het Pied markers.

$300 Plus shipping, through shipyourreptiles.com, It's too hot for shipping at the moment, so semi-local sales only
(he's the one sitting on the bag, not being held. Will get updated pic if needed)

Pic is old, hasn't changed but will get updated pics showing said markers

Genetics 100% guaranteed, He didn't provide paperwork but can and will definitely confirm for you.

Can provide references from recent happy customers