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Golden Gate Geckos

1) how do you get your website copyrighted and how much would it cost?
You will need to purchase a domain name from somewhere like Go-Daddy
2) To sell leopard geckos do you need a tax ID number? If so do you guys know anywhere to get this?
You will only need a tax ID# if you have employees. Check with your City for information on obtaining a business license, and your State Board of Equalization for obtaining a resale permit.
3) Im not really knowledgable about shipping leoprd geckos but where would you go to ship air? and does UPS do air mail?
Go to UPS and get an account with them (it's free) and speak with your local UPS District Manager about obtaining an authorization to ship geckos. You can ship from home using your computer and printer. http://www.ups.com
Also where do you guys get the ilsulation and cups to ship your geckos?
I get my shipping materials from Superior Enterprises
4) this isnt really about my website but im wandering how to change that thing that says "new member" to something else like my websites name or something like that.
Go up to the top of the Fauna page and click on the button that says "User CP" and you can edit your profile from there.