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9 Month old Female possible egg bound?

Hi guys.Omg it has been a long while since being on here but I need some more input.I have a 9 month old female Hypo Tiger.Some back ground first; She is in a 40 gallon thrive enclosure, basking 102,cool 78,humidity 38.She does have an outside enclosure she spends time in during summer months.August she came down with a high pinworm count and was treated with Benebac. Went 3 weeks after for fecal recheck and was treated 1 last time.October 8th fecal ran again and all was good.She weighed in at 360 grams.Fast forward to this past week; she stopped eating and has been running back and forth hitting the glass,knocking logs over,flipping food bowls NON STOP.She will stop if I get her out and wrap in her baby blanket.She poops but they are very small poops.She now weighs 327 grams.I am in contact with her breeder (wonderful person by the way) and was told to set up a lay box. I have it setup and all she does is sit there.No running,digging..nothing.If I put her in her enclosure she goes right back to running crazy.She has NEVER SEEN SMELLED OR BEEN NEAR A MALE.She is my only dragon.Any clue as to what could be going on..Hormones? First infertile eggs to lay?