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I remember years ago as a school nurse meeting parents who flat out could not buy medication for their kids. Sometimes, I would just send a check to the pharmacy with them.
Not to get sucked into politics, and I do believe that companies in general have a right to make money, but I am outraged at the cost of some medications. I understand the concept of boutique drugs, those for conditions so rare that only a few use them and that is why the cost is so high. But one of my sons pays hundreds of dollars for a tiny bottle of insulin and he needs several bottles of two different kinds every month.

People cope in different ways. Some people split their pills. Some get medication from Mexico or Canada, or buy right here in the U.S. in various markets- meds are sold on Craigslist, and a few meds including some important antibiotics are sold on Ebay via a legal loophole that allows medication without a prescription to be sold for use on fish.