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Generally sellers do not set prices, buyers do. That said, there are a lot of factors that influence price.

- Are you willing to ship or do you prefer a local cash sale? Keeping the sale local limits the pool of potential buyers, which limits demand, and thus that decreases the price.

- How badly do you need to sell? In pawn there is a phrase: the fast money is the low money. If you can afford to wait for the right buyer to come along then you can wait for a buyer to offer a higher price. If you must rehome the critter by a specific deadline or else bad things will happen (e.g. eviction because your landlord doesn't permit pets) then that pushes down your price.

- Can you provide provenance of the critter's genetics? If you have a receipt from the seller/producer then that makes the critter more valuable to a buyer who wants to breed her. If you don't then you have a pet-quality critter.