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A few things:

1. I was honestly and truly was trying to help her by being flexible and meeting her - even though I have a lot going on (I AM A LAW STUDENT)
2. When the animals did not come on the expected date she had a meltdown and began accusing me of dishonesty and saying some pretty awful things about my character. I cannot control the amount of permits being processed at the CITES office - sorry. Now I am not sure where you come from, but when someone begins to treat you like a bag of dirt when you were only trying to help them, who in the right mind would go out of their way further to make that person happy? Honestly.
3. I honestly do not care whether I lose any business from you people trying to play courtroom on a forum, you all need to take a step back and reevaluate your lives because as it stands, you are sad individuals.
4. I told her on the 17th that I was going through some personal issues, such as a very bad break up and a death in the family and that she would receive her money, but I had to take care of my personal issues first. She then began to accuse me more and blah blah blah.
5. You all have already made your decision of who you believe I am as a person, so I refuse to sit here and try and make my case.

All the best
Why bother posting or acknowledging anything here then? I mean she doesn't seem like she was very reasonable and it sounds like you had a lot going on, but you're looking about as shiny as a polished turd with the way you carry yourself...and then you throw a statement out such as the one I bolded above while you're here posting. Don't want to waste your time or validate this forum? Then don't and go away...can't have it both ways.