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Good news on the pinkies, and great photos, they are such a stunning deep red!

Re the anoles: with my Fiji boas I have not always had enough geckos of the correct size, but I have had success with feeding them tails or even hind limbs of larger geckos, so maybe it's back to surgery for the little non-eaters????

Good luck and please do keep posting.
Thanks. The one who ate didn't seem to have much trouble with the anole that I gave him/her, so I don't think I'll have to do any butchering. The other Bahaman anole is the same size as the one that got eaten, and the green is only slightly larger than that. The anoles in general are a little smaller than the chick thighs, so I'm sure they could all manage to get them down if they tried. However, it may just be a preference issue. Plus, I'd want to avoid killing an animal just in the hopes that it MIGHT help the little one eat, especially if I have the option of finding a half-grown anole somewhere instead.

I think I'm going to give them the rest of the week to make up their minds (for all I know, they've been trying to get them all night and been unsuccessful) and then go shopping for half-grown anoles. Since we're only dealing with two more non-feeders, it's not too much trouble for them to be super picky. If I had to find 28 half-grown anoles, you bet I'd be a lot less willing to go shopping around Goldilocks style.