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Today was a good day. Everyone who was offered a chick thigh ate it with no issues. Most of these guys have shed in the last day or two, so they're looking pretty great. I'll try to get some updated pictures soon (when they're not so full and the risk of stress is a little lower).

3 of the 4 remaining "pinky eaters" ate their scented pinkies, as did 1 of the 4 randomly selected others, meaning there are now 5 "pinky eaters" and 8 "others" (non holdbacks that are still eating chick thighs).

Now for the REALLY good news. The non-feeder has eaten the small anole. This was the same small anole that had spent the last few days in the large cage with him, but I had moved them both over to the half cage that was previously holding the reliable anole feeder. The switch to the half cage apparently did the trick. Now, I can't be sure if it was the move itself that sparked the feeding, or if it was the fact that the snake was now in a smaller cage, which may have made it feel more secure, and made catching its prey an easier task. Possibly, it was a combination of the two. However, the important thing is that he has now eaten.

In addition, the snake that ate the small anole last week ate a medium anole this week, so hopefully, the need for small anoles will only be to get these two started, as I do not have many. I am hoping they will both at least transition into medium anoles, now that they have started eating.