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Dr Owens
Originally Posted by Southwick Herps
Mechanical isolation which is just having sex organs that are incompatible.
Is that an argument against this hybridization? What if the breeding is successful? Wouldn't that make their sex organs "compatible?"

Also, in the event their babies pass the Postzygotic barriers I think they embryos will suffer from Hybrid Inavailability which is the parents are non compatible on a microcell level, down to the genetic material.
You are basing this statement on what? Since this breeding has never happened before you're simply speculating about things of which you have no knowledge.

In the event a baby is produce it will suffer from Hybrid Sterility and/or Hybrid Breakdown which states that only the first generation hybrids are capable of reproduction, thereafter the offspring are sterile.
Again, what are you basing this on? Once again, you are speculating and stating it as if it's fact. That is irresponsible at best.

Incase you couldn't tell Im a firm believer in the Theory of Evolution, and I also thoroughly enjoy studying it...
That's nice, but that doesn't make a single one of your previous statements accurate or factual. Perhaps you should learn the difference between fact and opinion, and state each as such.