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weird, IMO

I just like the species uncrossed, most of the time. superballs look neat as do anglon and ball crosses, and some kingsnake hybrids are spectacular.. I'm really not into any snake bigger than a red tail however, so i don't like the idea of a giant ball python... The only thing that bothers me is the idea of the mom giving birth to young that will not live a very healthy life because they have inneffective genes or whatever. Like the guy selling the eyeless snake for "the right offer"-those kinds of thing bother me. i would gladly adopt an eyeless snake as long as the temperment was good, but i could never pay money for it as a breeding specimin, hell as specimin, period! hybrides seem to mostly do well, but i'm always a tad wary of the ones that seem rather genetically far removed. But if it's someone lese piece of cake, eh, why not? It seems like the more knowlagdable breeders are the ones doing it (now anayways...). People do do creepier things : http://www.theregister.co.uk/2004/12...ain_flies_jet/ so cool, but also weird! :scatter: