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Au Duong Phong
yeah if that makes you curious, i'd be happy to tell you. At least someone I can share a sad story of the day with.

Ok. I do not have a collection. I had only 3 ball pythons. a pair of enchi, het pied,a mojave.
het pied and mojave died from mucus. It was my fault they died, but I dont wanna go into that too long.

The female enchi was shipped out today to trade for an albino. She died with shipping from UspS. The A. eagle with white and blue.

So with all 3 dying together in the month, I dont think I wanna play with snakes. Or if I do I'd rather own a female snake.

This enchi is for sale. how about 330 shipped? Shipped to your door hommaay
I bought him for $400 man.

So what's up? You gonna buy my snake or what mate?