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umm wow...i know you had a thread before trying to sell a sick snake that didnt go over to well...did your entire collection all get sick and die? saying you need to get rid of this guy or you will kill him to just sounds like your going to bash the poor guys head in or something =(

if your collection got sick and died...you cant guarentee health or a refund...as i dont think you would be to willing to take the snake back from how your acting in this ad, nor do i think anyone else wants to watch him get sick and die just to fight with you to get their money back...Im not trying to be mean or anything...I just think you may have a hard time selling this boy here, and maybe you should turn him over to a pet store or a rescue instead

I would be interested, mainly for the safety of the animal since you have such a strong desire to get rid of him...but i cant take the chance of bringing a sick snake into my home. if you need to lose him fast, like I said a local rescue may be your best bet....you may even be able to find a local reptile vet that you can turn him over to

maybe you can get lucky here with someone willing to take a chance...just please dont wait to long if you really think this snake will end up dead =(