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YAY! Debate
I wish it were a debate, but he hasn't said anything about cooling, other than it being a joke.

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I didnt learn how to play with snakes "After" I got a computer . . . .
You do it the REDTAILBOAKINGSNAKE.COM WAY and I will continue to do it the way I was suggested to way.

What worked pre 1995 still works in 2010
Yup...with the wealth of resources at my fingertips, I decided to take advantage of them. Owning a computer is not something I'll apologize for . Hey man, whatever works for you...and apparently that's "do it the way I was suggested to way."

Originally Posted by Metachrosis View Post
Lest you could do is be a man about it all,twisting thread content
to suit your comprehension pretty common in "your crowd"

Dont drag Bell into your childish asshatsandbox
Twisting thread content by asking you to elaborate upon a condescending comment? The content in your post was lacking (to say the least)...not much to twist. Just like you calling me childish, following by asshatsandbox (its a rare talent for one to be hypocritical with just two neighboring words ).

"My crowd?" LOL...you seem very fond of grouping together individuals who don't agree with you...

Originally Posted by Metachrosis View Post
Near impossible to reprogram the jaded reptile forum groupie
once their hard drive is etched

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then 6-8 months later you find the breeder has sold near 100 of the same thing and done banked another profitable year.Some folks are slow to catch on to shell games in the reptile biz.
Your holier than thou attitude is very apparent. Is that why you regurgitate those sentiments every chance you get?...because the "crowd" isn't worth your time? Or is it just a cop out because you cant substantiate your initial thoughts? You really have no clue what you're talking about, do you?

Originally Posted by Metachrosis View Post
Well shit Nicky,dont guess she needed "defended" now did she ?
Anyway ...... thats whats cool about forums like Fauna
Fauna will always have its diversity and folks not real concerned whether you like their opinions or not.

I believe Bell(like myself) is "somebody" without snakes,nope our ego's are self made :
Mr. T...Bell can handle her own...she is the LAST person who would need defending, this I know . I simply wanted to be educated by you, the wise one (you know, since I do all my herp studies on forums ). I gave you a reason why cooling is relevant, and all you gave me was a bunch of bad grammar. Oh no...that's right, your reason for not cooling is because its was suggested to you. Soooooo grandpappy told you? That's it? That's your secret? Well, thanks for sharing...I'll be sure to pass it on to my kid.

Bell, I'm sorry for hijacking your thread (and for dragging another thread into this one)...I promise not to respond again, unless it has something to do with the topic.