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Sounds like your burm was acting much the same way my boa was before she died.

Before my initial boa died of IBD I took her out of her enclosure to check her out. This was just a few hours before she died. She was very lethargic, weak, and didn't even struggle when I had a hold of her head to look at her. She had severe thick and runny mucous in her mouth and she had teeth falling out. She paced her enclosure in a panic because she was struggling to breathe due to the sudden pneumonia. Just a few days before she was fine and I didn't notice anything at all.

Also on another note over time her abdominal section developed a "bloated" appearance that made her look more like she was fat than anything else. I just thought because feeding her every 2 weeks was becoming too much so I had backed it off to every 3 weeks in hopes to have her lose some "weight." But since inclusion bodies showed up in the intestinal tissue that would explain why she was bloated and often constipated. Her intestinal tract was also quite inflammed... so IBD was destroying her intestinal tract and lungs.