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The cage you have now is absolutely fine. These have slide on screen tops that are secure on the edges. I've been in the pet industry for 16 years and have never heard of a snake ripping through the screen. On a more traditional screen top, they can push the edges up and escape but the top design on the Zilla critter cages doesn't allow for that. As for sizing, this is fine until they're around 2-3 years old. Then I'd recommend upgrading them to a cage around 36x18x18. Zilla has some really nice front opening terrariums or you can find a high quality pvc cage from someone like Animal Plastics. I keep all my breeder females in either Zilla or ExoTerra 40 breeder front opening terrariums, although I feel the Zilla is a little better because of the stronger top and smaller side gap in doors when the doors are open. Trust your various research over a handful of comments in a forum!

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