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RTB SABLE POSS HET SUNBURST - (Heavily discounted)

1.0 Sable 50% het Sunburst (Sable+Albino)
  • Ready to breed, hatched April 2018
  • ~60 grams
  • Feeding readily on frozen/thawed crawler mice
  • Absolutely beautiful color and unique saddles

>>> HEAVILY DISCOUNTED for quick sale... CONTACT FOR PRICING!!! (out of respect for fair market value, I choose to not list the asking price) <<<

》 Priority overnight shipping, with guaranteed live arrival, AND 14 day satisfaction guarantee
》Snake has also been recently had a fecal sample health/crypto tested, and like everything else in the collection, is 100% healthy guaranteed

☆ Contact Tom if you'd like to take advantage of this opportunity to produce awesome Sables and have a 50/50 shot at producing some incredible Sunbursts! ☆
  1. Text/Call: 908-601-7120
  2. Email: creasytom@gmail.com
  3. Message me, here on Fauna
(Phone is usually the quickest, then email, then Fauna Messages)

*** This male is over a year old, poss het sunburst, and therefore already priced well below the fair market value for his genetics. If there were no rush to sell, he would be priced SIGNIFICANTLY higher, and still be worth every penny. Therefore, please no low ball offers.
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