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Originally Posted by draggintails
I have negative test results verifiable with Florida and IL.

I meant only a wacko would give a negative guarantee on a baby, I was thinking of Chastity and she was making this premature gaurantee with great conviction. I think she is not all there.

Yes, I see clearly that I said only wackos have negative dragons. It is written plain as day and I retract that.

That makes more sense said that way, thank you, Tammy. I understand where you were coming from.

Denise...that is the million dollar question..where DO we go from here? I point back to Dr. Jacobsen saying that we need to be testing, be honest, and do everything we ALL can to establish colonies of negative dragons. We cannot ignore this, because it is not going to just go away. I just wish we could figure out a way that we can all work together!