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Christina Vincent
Hey Mike- I found a box that I think would work. We had a punching bag delivered and I still have the box O.o lol I took a look around and the saplings are about 3 feet high on average a few a bit taller. I'll be having at um in a day or so. I think if I wrap the roots well/bagged with a lil soil and maybe tie 4-5 saplings together to prevent them beating each other up...it'll work just fine? And the sagos will fit, but it may be cheaper to ship them seperate (sago pups are heavy so flat rate boxes are awesome for small heavy guys) I just haven't had time to figure it out that far sorry! But I will soon. I may have PM'd this but decided if others wanted to ship to each other but weren't sure how -there'd be ideas here. I was hesistant for the 1st few but I'm getting more comfy with it making sharing a whole lot easier than local pick up only.