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Christina Vincent
So I have spade shaped elephant ear bulbs sprouting like mad, banana tree babies (they get HUGE -I have adult uncut (lol) cresting the top of my 2 story place easy and cut ones (lol) that hit 16ft annually), I have bamboo roots that are sprouting O.o beautiful - but do your research its aggressive!, I have the Sago palm pups/seedlings/seeds, Loquat tree saplings, Various Oak tree saplings, Nandina shrubs rooted off shoots, and I probably have any native Louisiana plant here on the property lol. So if anyone is interested in the above let me know. If someone has a request (we have pretty flowering grass here- a lady sent me a pic askin if I had some avail, I did! All over lol I didn't know what it was but the pic and real name helped me find it here!
I'll update my pic album later with more of a variety.