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a great recent discus fish purchase

I recently had the pleasure of completing my 100g discus project. In addition to reptiles and a variety of other herps, I have always had a passion for freshwater aquariums. What other freshwater fish would be good for populating a new aquarium other than... the King of the Aquarium aka discus fish?

Are there any fellow Fauna members that also keep or breed discus? I would love to connect with you. This was my first time purchasing discus fish online, and I was skeptical at first. However, I stumbled upon discus.com and was impressed with their huge selection of altums and discus fish for sale. I ended up purchasing a couple of XXL jumbo fish. I have attached a few photos of my final setup.

The discus quickly ate within 6 hours after they were unpacked out of their bags. Since this was my first time purchasing fish online, I was surprised at how quickly they seemed to adjust. I have found myself a new hobby that has firmly hooked me in its grasp!

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