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Ive been keeping snakes since I was eight. And have looked under things and in the woods the entire time. Only once have I ever found somthing when I was looking. I found a ringneck when I rolled a log onetime. Im not saying I never see snakes in the wild. I do every now and then, but never when I am looking for them. It is always when im just walking somewhere and hey theres a snake. But when I am actually out looking for them I have only found one. My best (stumble upon) was on september 1st 2002. I was walking home from a friends house when I saw a snake in the grass by the road. It was a 4ft corn snake. I think its called a sunglow? amythelistic or somthing like that. I have no idea how its spelt. It has never tried to strike and has been the tamest snake ever since I first picked it up that day. Its color and temper makes me wonder if someone let it go in the wild.
Stephen Cabrera

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