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Heni or Hello!


Long time lurker but finally decided to join the community!

A lil back story on me. I am an educator for my tribe teaching my tribes languages, cultures and histories. In the past at one point I had 23 different species of snakes and over 40 different species of lizards and geckos (combined). After a nasty separation I re-homed all my animals, due to not being able to care for them due to mental state. Some of them I still get to see cause of some awesome people. I would come on the forums and just admire peoples enclosures or animals.

Well after 3 years I finally got me a bearded dragon again named Vulcan and looking to get back into my reptiles and fish. Currently just finished my wildlife rehabilitation certification and waiting on starting my wildlife management classes. Not going to go gun ho like i did last time but wanting to keep a few species that I have had on my wish list.

Other than that I hope to make some new friends here and learn new things. Tikahch! Hita! (Thanks! Take care!)
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