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Oh, no! I was never saying breeders are unintelligent. I was basically trying to say that less people are getting large species of crocs as pets. A good portion of the offspring produced by these breeders goes to places that itís legal to own them as pets without permitting. This means a good portion of those people are getting those crocs without any knowledge of how to care for or properly work with it. I think captive keeping and breeding of crocodilians can be really important. Wether it be education or repopulation, but I donít think that crocodilians should be kept as pets in a household environment. Which is why I was saying you donít see them on sites like these as much because people are hopefully being a bit more wise on their decisions to get an animal like this. I never meant to be offensive to anybody and I do believe captive care and breeding can be very beneficial if done correctly.

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