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It might be worth a small fee to consult an attorney (sorry Vanessa missed that part in your post) If you send a certified letter to your "friend" telling him he has 30 days (or whatever the law says) to come get the animals you may have rights to them legally after that time (I didn't read the link sorry, just going by some of the property laws in my state).

As others have said I would not, under any circumstances work as a middle man or allow anyone to come to my home to purchase any of the animals and I would not let him take only certain animals so he can't just come and pick up a couple that that he has a buyer for. He takes them all Its all or none.

Having the animals puts you at an advantage if you want to recoup any of your money. If you are willing to just give them back and cut your losses that may be the easiest thing to do. As April said perhaps you can work out something where you keep some of the animals (if you want them) as payment. You probably won't make all your money back but it would be something. Id also get a accurate list of exactly what you have and start looking for reasonable fair market value.

Just make sure everything you do from now on is in writing. I'd print out any texts or communications you have and you may exchange in the future. You never know if a phone crashes or you lose them somehow.

I might also suggest an appeal to Judge Judy. I hate that show but my parents watch it religiously and that is one episode I would watch.