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Softshell turtle

Today Connie and I drove to the post office and took a back road. Up ahead in the road we saw something, but neither one of us could make it out till we were right up on it. At least we recognized it long before we would have run it over. It was a good sized jet black softshell turtle. I keep forgetting that my smartphone is also a camera, otherwise I would have taken a pic or three of it.

Anyway, I thought it interesting that when I approached the turtle from the backside to lift him off of the road, streams of fluid squired out from the front of him approximately above where the front legs extended from under the shell. Never seem them do that before. I did notice a kind of pungent odor, but I couldn't swear that the smell came from the fluid it squirted out. Glad I wasn't in front of him, as I might have chased people out of the post office had I caught the streams all over my legs.

And man he was black colored. Dark as coal and completely black. Wish I had gotten a pic of him, but oh well. Maybe sooner or later I'll get the hang of this new fangled phone I've got. I'm still thinking it is ONLY a phone, I guess.