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Jade McDonald
Hi. Nice to meet you. I'm new too. My name is Jade. I have a 2 year old daughter, 2 dogs - Labrador x spaniel & a recuse , a turtle, an aquarium, a tarantula-red rump, a Columbian rainbow boa and a western hognose! I enjoy kayaking, paddleboarding and hill walking.

My hognose has always been friendly, eager to come out and never hissed. About a month ago I went to take him out and he hissed at me! I was shocked and left him there. I tried again and was more persistent to which he headbutted me! Then he has gone into hiding. He no longer sleeps in his hide and moves about, he has burrowed not only under the sawdust but under the new paper at the bottom and is curled up and just stays there. He won't come out for food and if I pull back the paper he hisses,puffs and is very angry. Does anyone have any advice please? Should I leave him or force him out?