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Brian Horton alias Turtle Joe and Blackflag

MODS: I accidentally posted this in the non-Canadian BOI forum. Feel free to delete that post.

I hate that my first post to this forum is a negative one, but I need to let the Ontario community know about something that happened to me and could happen to them.

On December 24, I noticed a Budgett's frog for sale on kijiji, with the seller located in Barrie, Ontario. Here is a link to the original ad:


I emailed him for particulars and Brian was very responsive. When he learned I was in Hamilton, he offered to deliver the frog to my home for an added delivery fee. We agreed that he would deliver to my office in Brampton on Tuesday, December 29. I sent him the money via electronic transfer. I've attached the e-transfer receipt as proof.

December 29 we had a snowstorm in Hamilton so I worked from home, and notified Brian that delivery would have to be postponed. Hours later, he said that was fine. We then agreed on December 30, but later in the day he said he was snowbound too. No sweat, it can happen.

I asked him if, weather conditions aside, he could guarantee delivery at my office between 9:00 a.m. and noon on December 31. Here is my message:

Rose Keefe
To Kijiji User Dec 30 at 1:49 PM
I understand. I just needed to know. I was in a similar situation yesterday.

Would you be able to deliver between 9 and noon tomorrow?

Here is his reply:
From: Kijiji User
I literally put my car through the garage door this morning if it makes you feel any better lol. Yes we can do that no problem.

Well, the next day I waited until noon and nothing. I'd specified noon because my office was closing and I couldn't get a delivery there afterwards. I tried to call him because I couldn't wait around any longer but his voicemail box was full and he did not reply to texts. Finally he did reply to a Facebook message at close to 3:00 p.m. and said they "usually operate from 8-6 with deliveries" anyway. I asked him why he didn't tell me that when he agreed to deliver before noon and he ignored me.

I could see that he read the message, but he did not answer until 4:00, when he said he could deliver to my home in Hamilton that night. By that point I was really concerned that I'd never see the frog, so I showed his evening delivery promise to a lawyer friend who happened to be at the New Year's Eve get-together. He read it and advised that if Brian did not deliver the frog by evening (without indicating why), I should ask for my money back.

I told Brian exactly that, and suddenly he stopped ignoring me. He became verbally abusive and said I was getting a refund. I told him it concerned me that he was no longer so responsive after he had my money and he blew up.

I messaged him New Year's Day and asked when I could expect my return e-transfer. He replied, "Banks are closed. Sorry. Hopefully Saturday." Um, what? He could still transfer the money back! Saturday came and nothing. He also relisted the frog on kijiji even though he still had my money and until he returns it, that animal is legally mine. See this:


SCroll down to look at Amphibians. Only now he lists the same frog for $150!

I messaged him on FB and said I wanted the money sent back to me by midnight or I was calling the police. He flipped on me, called me names, and blocked me. So later today I'm filing a police report with the Barrie OPP detachment.

Has anyone else dealt with or been screwed over by this guy?

Rose Keefe
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