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Well hello everybody, why such a lovely post Rose, thanks really.

Long story short, the fatal attraction lady wanted a frog, makes delivery date and wants it delivered to her on new years eve. After not being able to get out of my driveway because of the weather and told her it has to be sent on Monday after the holidays.

That wasn't acceptable for her, she told me that she was in tears and going home crying after learning that, threatened quite the storm, in fact she even told me her brother was a lawyer in a message and demand me to pay her compensation for missing the drop off and having to find another way home.

I told her to give me her email address for a refund ( EMT ) because her abusive attitude, vulgar comments, and harassment wasn't going to get her a frog or any services in the future from us, and for awhile she refused to do so until I had to tell her that I wont be asking again for it.

She started to beg and plea for me to sell her the frog, apologizing for being rude and abusive ( which she doesn't care to show screenshots of, just what she wants you to see ). I decided that maybe she isn't completely mentally fit and its not her fault that she is like that, so I decided to be nice to her.

She then starts telling me she is calling the police if she doesn't see us by midnight. To add to the lawyers, the 10 other places and planets she threatened, all over a frog not getting delivered over the holiday weekend ?

So we ended up bringing her frogs to her like that. Don't think for a second you have the right to verbally abuse anyone from our company. First time this issue has arouse for us, surely it wont be the last. Its how you deal with the issues, and that's how I had my laugh with it. Its pretty funny you must admit.

Warning to anyone that wants to sell to Rose Keefe. Beware.