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Response to Pete

You, Chris and I sat at a table and had a conversation before I announced my resignation and not once did you voice concerns about any of this or requesting a meeting.
To my knowledge, I have never, ever had a conversation with you at any BCRC reptile shows that I've attended. Nor have I sat down with you and Chris, I assume you mean the new president, to chat about anything to do with reptiles or the shows at the BCRC Spring 2016 show.

As for asking for a meeting of the board, that was when Deanna approached me on Saturday at the end of the show and told me that she was having a problem with the BCRC, namely yourself and Melodie. She explained to me her IBD problem and I told her that if she sent me all of the information about the emails to yourself and Melodie, that I would get to the bottom of this whole situation.

It was around closing time that I had spoken to one of the board members who told me the both of you had resigned. At that point, I decided to back off the request for the meeting seeing as how I still did not have a complete picture of what went down. At the BCRC Fall 2016 show, was when I was approached by the new president and vice president to have a meeting due to the fact they heard I was unhappy with how the shows were being run.

At this point, it is a he said she said scenario, for some reason Deanna has not sent any of the evidence proving her communications with the both of you. I don't understand her unless she is making up the story in the first place.

I do know based on several board members that there were disagreements as to whether or not the vendor should be coming to the shows, selling animals that may be carrying IBD from the hypo leopard boas. I know two of my regular clients who have bought leopard boas from said vendor and as of today has been confirmed to have IBD. Those animals were bought at the BCRC Spring 2016 show.

Deanna supposedly had told you guys who the seller was and also provided information as to where the snakes came from. She did not purchase the animals at the show. She was upset that you allowed a breeder to continue to sell the very same animals at the show and was wondering why he was not banned from the shows and why his animals were not put in quarantine by a vet for one year, like her's collection was.

I know for a fact that the only people I met with at the show to discuss what I had found out was from several other board members. It was at this time that I found out that the both of you had stepped down.

Why the both of you stepped down is not knowledge that I have, as witnessed by my statements earlier. Like I said before, I have no idea whether or not it had anything to do with this case or for some other reason.

My main objective here was and will always be to protect the reptile industry to the best of my ability. What ever claims have been made still needs to be substantiated. Deanna does not seem to be forth coming with her information, mind you, she did send me text stating that she was going to finally send all of her correspondents between you to prove her statement of claim.

At this point, the proof is in and it is the breeder that you are speaking of that has spread IBD to peoples collections in B.C. and Alberta. All documentation and tests will be provided to the club should they need copies of the necropsy done in Florida. They had PCR testing done and so far there are I believe 12 confirmed cases based on the PCR testing.

In my opinion there was no more evidence proving T&A was the source of the ibd than there was of you having a blood disease in your collection killing a bunch of your baby scoria boas.
I have no idea what you are talking about in regards to blood disease with my scoria boas. ALL MY SCORIA BOAS WERE SOLD AND ARE ALL ALIVE & WELL, with NO HEALTH ISSUES, WHAT SO EVER.

Also, just to inform you that, I have never had any problems with my boas. However, I did have an issue with some ball pythons that I received from a local breeder to pay off his debt to me. It was those ball pythons that died from anemia. I know exactly where the animals came from and who they were bred by and also how they became anemic. We have a strict quarantine for new animals, which when they arrive are in quarantine for a minimum of 6 months, fortunately this breeder had a reputation that was not good, therefore those animals were quarantined for 1 year. Just after the 6 month period, they all died except for 2 animals. A necropsy was performed confirming the diagnosis.

My main concern is that as long as there is a BCRC club, the rules need to be followed and under no circumstances can there ever be any politics involved. The purpose of me attending the BCRC AGM meeting on Oct. 28, 2016 was to make certain that the club is an incorporated entity, so that the board members are not liable for any bad decision making and also to put in rules that will ensure this never happens again.

As for who is to blame, I really don't care. The main thing is as I have mentioned all along to the board, is that they need to keep their ears and eyes open when putting on a show and when someone could possibly infect other peoples animals at the shows, then there is major liability involved especially if what Deanna has stated is true and can provide evidence to support her claims.

About a week ago, if you haven't already heard, on Reptile Addict Canada group on Facebook, Deanna created quite a bit of drama on the pages with postings of reports and emails and such, which have now been deleted by admin of Reptile Addict Canada group. This does not in anyway help the industry and only gives a bad name to the BCRC. I have tried to reason with her that if she has the information, she should just send it over so we can get to the bottom of this whole thing.

It seems the only way the truth will come out is if this ends up in court. I do know several breeders contemplating a lawsuit. What they are waiting for is confirmation of the other cases to come back from Florida.

This is not what I was seeking, but perhaps a lawsuit will get everyone's attention once and for all and hopefully everyone including breeders will be ethical enough to take their animals off the market when they have concerns and notify all buyers that he sold the snakes to.

That is my goal.

David Chan