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ill only post one response to this

she never contacted me about a loose track
and or a screw sticking out

and i had delivered these ahead of scheduled due date

which both can be fixed within 5 mins
back the screw out re screw in

and a touch of superglue on the track would fix it
i use 3m double stick foam tape to mount
could have has a bad piece of tape which i dont make
it was tight when i installed it

im not perfect
but i do want everyone to get a great quality cage from me
free from defects at a great price
all my cages are made on a
cnc laser or a cnc onsrud router or a waterjet
all in house
which means they are all within .001 tolerance
the same everytime

call or text me i always take care of my products
ive been making cages for over 15 years.

thank you mark venhorst